Great Technology, Effective Lectures, Accessible Professors

There are three things that I found very surprising about the masters in education program.  First, I love the technology that we use on a daily basis.  I am computer literate, having used a computer for a number of schools. However, I feel it would be easy for individuals who do not share this experience with myself as well.  It’s pretty much a point and click process.  The organization of the 2sc website is very easy to pick up.  Also, there is the ability to socially network aside from your academic connections, so social network lovers need not be scared of this format!

Secondly, I also am very impressed with each professor and their ability to deliver effective lectures via this program.  My lectures are not just facts and information that I am required to memorize.  I truly find myself learning the information being presented.  Lecture is delivered through multiple mediums, which makes it easy for a variety of different types of learners to acquire knowledge.  Power points and videos are incorporated into lectures, making concepts accessible and readily available both in and outside of the classroom.

Lastly, the professors make themselves readily available for office hours and study sessions just like at a traditional campus.  When I first heard that the professors would hold private or communal office hours for students, I wondering how this was going to work.  Much to my amazement, as a student in the MAT program I am easily able to access individual one on one time with each of my professors.  This is a very useful and effective aspect of the MAT program which helps support students and aids in their immediate success.

Much continually surprises me about this wonderful program.  I am eager to learn more as I continue with my courses!  See you next week!