I’m a blogger!

Welcome to my first blog entry! I’m Cathy and I’m in the September ’09 cohort. I live in Guilford, Connecticut, a town located on the Long Island Sound about halfway between New York and Boston. I have three children (ages ten, eight and three), three dogs, and a husband. Obviously, life is pretty hectic, as I’m sure it is for everyone else out there.

Why did I decide to become a teacher? I was a fashion copywriter for about 13 years, but traveling the two hours between home and New York was getting to be a drag. Plus, I was running out of ways to describe the perfect “little black dress” and the must-have “classic white shirt.” So, I decided to teach. Why? Honestly, at first it was because it fits my lifestyle (same schedule and vacations as my kids), and because I thought that it would be both fulfilling and challenging to mold young high school minds.

After just twelve weeks of MAT@USC classes, my perspective has changed. Now I understand that as a teacher I will have the ability to be an agent of change. To help students capture their dreams. To inspire them to be persistent and determined in pursuing those dreams. To prepare them to become righteous global citizens and stewards of the earth.

I relish the idea that this is will be my responsibility. I’m also encouraged that the MAT@USC is preparing me to be a change agent in New Haven, CT, an underserved urban school district. This program is providing me with the confidence and knowledge I’ll need to facilitate the crucial connection between parents, the community, students, my fellow teachers, and school administrators.

Remember, it’s only been twelve weeks. I’ll keep you posted on what I learn in the next twelve.

Fight on!