MAT@USC Student Support: Going Above and Beyond

Taking online courses to get your masters in education requires that one has access to internet at all times. In a perfect stress free world you would have no problems with your internet and everything would run smoothly, but what do you do when your internet goes down or you moved to a new home?

You call Heather Dexter, Tara Romine, and Alana Rose; who are the student support gurus!

Thanks to them, when my internet went down for a two week block they helped me: register for classes, join in our class discussions when my laptop was having issues, and are great communicators who respond promptly to any/all requests. They easily could have ignored my e-mails and not helped me register when I had no internet,  they are phenomenal!

So if contemplating whether or not online courses are for you, know that the MAT @ USC student support staff is fully prepared to take on any/all challenges and are very supportive of students. Furthermore, they always are open and are constantly looking for feedback. So here it is; Thanks to all MAT @ USC Staff, you guys rock!!!!!

If you’d like to learn more about how the MAT@USC program prepares students to earn a teaching credential online and make a difference in your local community, contact our Admissions office at 888-628-1872 or email us.