My surprise? The overall quality of the MAT@USC and the Rossier School of Education.

When I applied and began my coursework I found out how outstanding the University of Southern California’s College of Education really was. I was amazed to discover that the college has been around for one-hundred years, it has been named as one the top 25 colleges for education in the country, and top 10 among private universities.

I had taken online courses during my undergrad, prior to my master of arts in teaching experience, and they do not compare. USC’s staff are truly professionals and are great communicators, and welcome any/all feedback from students. The Masters of Arts in Teaching program at the USC Rossier School of Education is tremendously organized/structured to give its students a world class education. The program offers not only opportunities to access schools/communities in their area, but the schools across the country. When we meet for our class discussions or post to our discussion forum, we communicate with students across the country.  We all share our findings through the MAT program. Thus, we have far greater lens through which to analyze and synthesize our ideas in education. This is by far my favorite aspect of the MAT@USC program, without it  I would not be able to fathom the national educational picture today.