New iPhone and iPad App for MAT@USC Students

New technologies are shaping the world of education every day and we’d like to think that the MAT@USC is a leading example of that. We are excited to announce that we officially launched a MAT@USC application for the iPhone and iPad, which will bring all of the functionality of our learning management system to app users everywhere.

This application allows MAT@USC students to access all of their course work and information – including pre-recorded videos – and interact with students and faculty members via course walls and profiles, as they would on the web-based platform (2SC)

If you’re a student in the program with an iPhone or iPad, we encourage you to visit the app store in iTunes and test drive the app yourself. Here are a just a few reasons why you might love it:

1. Course content on the go. With spring right around the corner, spend more time outdoors and take your course content with you! Whether that means lounging on the beach or sitting in a park, leave your laptop at home and bring your iPhone or iPad instead.

2. Your favorite friends in your pocket. One of the biggest benefits of being in the MAT@USC is interacting with students from all over the country. Now you can easily post on walls and send emails from your device.

3. Notes here, notes there, notes everywhere. Whether you’re jotting down a reminder about an upcoming assignment or you observe something that you want to bring up during class, all of the content you post and capture on your device will seamlessly transfer over to the web, next time you log into 2SC from your browser.

4. Swipe central. Accessing 2SC via mobile browser was always possible, but this app makes the most of Apple’s touchscreen technology. Swipe and tap your way through the learning management system.

5. Mmm, videos. For the multimedia starved student, the MAT@USC app delivers all course video content in the palm of your hand. Our pilot program participants seem to have enjoyed this the best, citing faster-loading times even on longer videos.

These are just a handful of features that you can enjoy on the new MAT@USC app. Download it yourself and let us know what you think!

If you’d like to know about how to become a teacher and make a difference in your local community through MAT@USC, contact our Admissions office at 888-628-1872 or email us.