Rossier School of Education Offers Offline Mode for Students

Rossier Mobile Platform

Coming to a mobile device near you: The Rossier School of Education is pleased to announce that all students, including Rossier Online students, can now access course content offline. With the new mobile application, students can download course content on their smartphones and mobile devices. After downloading content and videos, students can view the materials later on, with or without an Internet connection.

Students can download the free application through iTunes or Google Play (for Android Devices). Once students have downloaded the app, they log in with their USC Rossier accounts and are brought to a user-friendly home page. The home page has eight primary buttons that include “Courses,” “Newsfeed,” “Groups” and “Saved Content.” The app enables students to interact with professors and peers, view course materials and receive notifications for events and assignments. Students can download as much or as little course material as they need, which can later be viewed offline. Downloaded videos can even be saved for later. In order to save any content for offline viewing, students merely need to click the “Save Offline” button.

The Rossier School of Education is excited to be able to offer such cutting-edge technology to its students, who no longer need to be at the mercy of spotty Wi-Fi connections in order to complete coursework. Whether you are traveling on an airplane or camping in the woods, your course materials can always be close by.