USC Rossier’s Hot Wheels Speedometry Project

USC Rossier and the Mattel Children’s Foundation are bringing science and play together to teach STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) topics to fourth graders. Mattel is a company recognized by parents and children around the world and is committed to using play to support and accelerate learning. In partnership with Mattel, renowned research faculty from The USC Rossier School of Education have developed an engaging new curriculum to teach the basic principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics using Hot Wheels cars. It is known as Hot Wheels Speedometry. Kids can learn the basics of measurement, the scientific method, kinetic energy, velocity and even physics with toys they know and love.

Science, math and Hot Wheels? Sounds like something we all would have enjoyed in school. For more information, check out this video featuring Dr. Fred Freking that highlights the free-to-use course curriculum.


The USC Rossier School of Education is committed to innovation in how it prepares teachers and how it impacts classrooms. For fourth graders using Speedometry and to our own students using groundbreaking online resources to complete their degrees, USC Rossier provides innovative learning experiences. If you are interested in infusing creativity in your classroom and developing skills to be a better educator in any learning environment, take a look at USC Rossier School of Education’s online programs.